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This month we decided to offer you an entire city instead of just one heritage site.

The city of Verona is situated in Northern Italy at the foot of picturesque Monte Laessni on the river Adige.

It is a beautiful, historic city founded in 1st Century B.C. It is home to several monuments from the medieval and Renaissance periods.

Here are our list of must-visits at Verona

Paizza delle Erbe

Piazza Del Erbe
• The rectangular Piazza is the roman forum located in the heart of city of Verona.
• It is surrounded by beautiful medieval buildings and Towers.
• The ancient market stall can still be seen today, which have become the souvenir stalls.
• When you are walking through this historical place, you are always greeted by cafes and restaurants that serve hot coffee in the morning and Wine by the end of the day.

Juliet’s House

Juliet's House
• The city of Verona’s most popular site is the balcony of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. The house said to be Juliet’s is in a courtyard of via capello.
• The building has a bronze statue of Juliet. Rubbing Juliet’s breast is considered good luck for young lovers.
• There is a museum inside this 13th century building and you can also see the house attributed to Romeo’s family.

Roman Theater and Museum
• Crossing the picturesque stone bridge, Ponte pietra to reach this 1st Century Roman Theater is a very pleasant experience for any traveler.
• The theater is built into a hill overlooking the river and outdoor summer performances held here is special attraction.
• For history enthusiasts a Museum is housed in former convent of Saint Jerome. The museum contains many Roman sculptures and Roman inscriptions, Roman mosaics etc that speaks volumes about the ancient Roman art.

Lamberti Towers
• This medieval 12th Century bell tower stands 84 meters tall.
• Climb the stairs to the top or use an elevator (paid elevator) for the most spectacular view of the city and beyond.

Roman Arena

Roman Arena
• Verona’s Roman arena is the third largest in Italy after Roman colosseum and arena in Capua.
• This 1st Century arena can house about 25000 spectators.
• This arena has been venue for prestigious opera festival since 1913.
• Afternoon is the ideal time to walk into this arena to look at the theater.

Castelvecchio – Castle and Museum
• Castelvecchio is a 14th century medieval complex with several towers.
• Special attraction is the brick bridge crossing the river.
• The former parade ground is now a beautiful courtyard
• In front of the courtyard is a museum that takes you through the 16 rooms of former palace graced with renaissance bronzes, archeological finds, numismatic coins, paintings, weapons and armors.


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    Sriram Raju Bhupathiraju

    Supposedly, “if a person strokes the right breast of the statue, that person will have good fortune and luck in love” –

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