Winners of GoUNESCO Challenges – 2014

GoUNESCO 2014 winners

In 2014, we started two new country challenges in addition to the annual India Challenge – South Africa and Germany. While the South Africa Challenge did not pick up much steam, the Germany challenge received a mention from UNESCO Germany as well. The Epic Challenge saw a change in leader rankings with Clyde Triganza taking the lead this year. Last year we also started the culture challenge, to encourage awareness of the intangible cultural heritage assets.
The prizes for winners will be announced at the GoUNESCO Finale 2015 on April 18th in Bangalore. Do RSVP here – link.

Winners – GoUNESCO India 2014 Challenge

Winner – Sanghamitra Jayant
Runner up – Prasun Bheri
Second runner up – Shashank Manu

Winners – GoUNESCO Germany 2014 Challenge

Winner – Clyde Triganza
Runner up – Katherine Brownell
Joint Second runner up – Michael Turtle
Joint Second runner up – Arjun Bhatnagar

Leaders – The Epic Challenge – 2014

Leader – Clyde Triganza
Runner up – Gary Arndt
Second runner up – Anne-Sophie Redisch

Leaders – The Culture Challenge – 2014

Leader – Shashank Manu
Runner up – Thomas Shaw
Second runner up – Bernard Joseph Esposo Guerrero

Winners – GoUNESCO South Africa 2014 Challenge

Winner – Gary Arndt
Runner up – Lance Longwell
As we did not have enough challengers, we will not be announcing prizes for this challenge.

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