Explore the Unexplored! The serenity of the charming acts of charity becomes history. The terrible lives, hopes getting shattered, chaos mounting and what not. Yes, this is what the famine of Pune did. Hopes were getting entangled in the lights of darkness coupled with problems that seemed to have no solution. The act of charity by Prince Aga Khan IV brought out a fantastic truth. From here begins my journey of the task #ExploretheUnexplored.

Aga Khan Palace was built in the year 1892 by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in Pune. The struggle in the Indian Freedom Movement was well escalated because of some of the stories connected to this Palace. When great personalities reside in a place they make it divine. This is what happened with the Aga Khan Palace. The grand palace served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi, his wife Kasturba Gandhi, his secretary Mahadev Desai and the great Indian freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu. The place accounts for great historical traditions and almost all of them have been complied in the video below.


Worsening condition of the monument?

The beauty which this palace has is a perfect example of the best architectural blend. However according to the locals and the management authority the overall footfall has decreased. In the year 1999 a protest was held near the Pune Railway station on accounts that the condition of the monument was worsening. On the other hand only a handful of people visit this palace during the working days. There could be many reasons for the same. Though many things come under the rubric of established customs but they can become difficult at times. The improper allocation of the funds led to serious issues at times. Thus there are multiple reasons for the worsening condition of the monument.

Research and the panacea from the eyes of a media student

When I was on my journey of exploring the unexplored I found out that most of the people were not aware of a palace called the Aga Khan Palace. The management authority could undertake certain campaigns and make people aware of the monument. They can possibly produce short films even. I witnessed that the people who visited the palace were not students, so awareness amongst the youth should be raised so that they become aware of our heritage. The management can play some traditional music which enhances a passion for the love of heritage in any one’s mind.


Though the footfall is less, the palace commands a great glory in terms of heritage. One would find the eternal and the true meaning of freedom struggle in the walls of this palace. The soothing atmosphere makes it a perfect epitome of zeal.

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    A dreamer with a singular expression - Smile! Sanket is a media and journalism student at Symbiosis International University. When not writing, you can find him sipping coffee and reading entrepreneurial, political and leadership books.

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