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Status : Not taking applications

About this Volunteer Role:

  • As a GoUNESCO Regional Reporter, you will highlight the vibrance of your city and country in the heritage and culture sector. You will collect heritage and culture related news, events and happenings from your city/country and show it to the world via GoUNESCO.
  • At GoUNESCO, we focus more on highlighting the positive aspects and than of destruction and loss of heritage (while not completely ignoring them) – we expect your reportage to reflect the same mix.
  • News – The news articles you share can be in the form of newspaper clippings, online URLs or any other. The articles can be in your regional language too – you will be expected to write a brief synopsis (a minimum of 50 words) for the articles you share in English.
  • Events – You will collect brief information about different heritage and cultural events happening in your city/country including talks, heritage walks, exhibitions, workshops, festival, etc.
  • This role is location independent – you can participate from anywhere in the world. Your responsibilities as part of this role do not require travel.
  • Your area of scope (city/region/country) will be decided upon selection we will then define the extent of the local area (it can range from your local city to your country) that you will be monitoring as a Regional Reporter.

Duration : Minimum 3 months with flexible start and end dates.

Why You Should Join as a GoUNESCO Regional Reporter?

  • This is a great chance for you to highlight your region to the world. All information listed on GoUNESCO is viewed by thousands of people interested in heritage and culture – and will reach not just enthusiasts but some of the world’s foremost bloggers, photographers and people in top heritage organizations.
  • The research you perform will make you more aware of your own region.
  • In addition to your name appearing against the information you bring out, you will be added to the GoUNESCO extended team and listed in a special page as a GoUNESCO Regional Reporter.

How do I fulfil my duties as Regional Reporter?

  • Before signing up to volunteer, please read this article – link. Written by an experienced volunteer manager, the article gives an idea about the expectations from an effective volunteer.
  • Your main responsibility is not to collect information – but to curate it. Find not just the important events and news items, but identify the ones that need more attention.
  • Collecting news and events from online sources is easy – they can get delivered straight to your inbox. Set up a Google automated alert (procedure), use different search terms and experiment to see which get you the best information.
  • Scour local newspapers, facebook, mailing lists and flyers at colleges, museums or heritage organizations too. Talk to folks who organize heritage walks and other events regularly, ask to be added to their mailing lists.
  • Make sure to do a basic fact check and verify authenticity before submitting any information on GoUNESCO, always attach a brief 50 word synopsis.
  • This volunteer role is for a minimum period of 3 months, and will require an average of 10 hours weekly effort.

Who can Apply?

  • Any heritage and culture enthusiast proud of their city, country and with a curiousity to explore and highlight it to the world is welcome to apply.
  • A basic command of written English (good enough to write brief synopsis for the information you share) and basic internet skills (to upload clippings, add links, etc) is required.

How do I Apply?

We are not taking applications for this role currently. If you would like to volunteer, please email with answers to the questions asked here – link.


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