GCAs at St Pauls Cathedral In between two major tourist spots of Kolkata, Rabindra Sadan and Birla Planetorium, St. Paul’s Cathedral is situated. The moment one will step into the premises of cathidral, hustle bustle of the city will be left behind and rows of tall tree shaded path will lead you to the tranquil structure of the church. Care takers of the cathedral takes a good care of the surrounding field and garden, so that main structure can be saved form the pollution and numerous birds and animals can get a shelter to survive at the heart of the city.
The team of GCAs from Kolkata fixed their visit to cathedral on a day mid of the monsoon. It was a dull cloudy day and was raining continuously when we reached there. But we were mesmerized instantly by the Gothic Revival styled interior decor of the church. Long aisle led to the stained glass windows and two frescoes in Florentine Renaissance style. St. Paul’s Cathedral can be visited from 10 – 12 in the morning and 4 – 6 in the evening. After 6 pm evening carols take place at the adjoined prayer room. St. Paul’s Cathedral’s library section is decorated with the crafts works of the under privileged children, that moved me.
GCAs at St Pauls Cathedral
Six members of us talked with the care takers of the church, who informed us about the history of the church and we got to know that, it is an Anglican cathedral. We met few tourists who expressed their interests and views on this Florentine styled structure.

GCAs at St Pauls Cathedral

Autralian tourist, Vaughn said, he is a student of art and beauty of Victoria memorial had left him spell bounded. He has keen interest in study about the art of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Aman, from Jharkhand is a photographer.
Q: What is your views on the heritages?
A: not many heritages I have visited. Though my love for photography lights up the interests for visiting ages old heritages.
Q: Which heritages have you visited at Bengal?
A: I have already visited Victoria Memorial, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Bandal Church and would like to visit heritages of Murshidabaad some day.
Q: Which one is your most favourit heritage?
A: Taj attracts me the most, though I have never visited it.
End of a long visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral I was very satisfied and happy with a whole new experience.
GCAs at St Pauls Cathedral
GCAs at St Pauls Cathedral
GCAs at St Pauls Cathedral