Someone has truly said that history come to life at the museum. It was a very good decision to visit Salarjung Museum instead of any movie or mall.

How did we reach there:

It has to be accepted that it is little difficult to reach the museum. We had to go to Koti and take auto from there. There are no buses that go to the museum.


Most of the treasures present at SalarJung Museum were collected by Salar Jung III. The museum was brought into existence on 16th December 1951.

Hi-lights at museum

Total number of rooms in museum are about 38. It takes about 5 hours to visit all the galleries. Its sad that we got only 2 hours. In that duration we visited

  • Founders Gallery
  • South Indian Bronzes
  • Minor Arts of South India
  • Ivory objects
  • Arms and Armour
  • European Marble Statue

The thing that attracted me was Veiled Rebecca which is a marble statue. It is made of marble but it appears as if there is a veil on the statue. Other object of attraction is The musical clock. People gather around it to see timekeeper in the clock coming out and striking gong.

The Ivory objects room has blown my mind. All the things in the room are made of ivory. The even contain furniture and chess set. The detail in them is breath taking.

Arms and Armour gallery contains different kind of weapons, guns, swords and shields. There are innumerable designs of swords. I couldn’t get enough of them. We wouldn’t have come out of the room if it is not for the time.

Places to eat

Even though the museum has a canteen the costs their are higher than outside so we didn’t take anything there. Instead we had food at Gokul chat in koti which is reasonable and very famous.


I hope my article excites you and compels you to visit it when you are in Hyderabad. C360_2014-12-13-13-53-21-816C360_2014-12-13-15-14-15-455