Victoria Memorial Kolkata

#gounesco selfie at Victoria memorial

#gounesco selfie
#gounesco selfie

Victoria palace is one of the historical monument of the world. It is called pride of Kolkata. It was built during the British rule in India. Princess Victoria was the princess of this palace and Lord Curzon was prince of that palace. After the death of Princess Victoria, the prince lord Curzon has decided to make one palace in the memory of Princess Victoria. The prince has decided to build a beautiful palace surrounded with beautiful gardens. He converted that palace into museum. It is surrounded with beautiful gardens and lakes. There are too many portraits and statues made inside the palace. This palace is made by the royal British Architects. This palace is made up of marbles. The total cost of construction of this monument amounting to one crore, and five lakhs of rupees (Rs.1,05,00,000/-).There is a statue situated on the top of the palace called Angel of victory .statue of lion is also there before the is situated on the bank of hoogly river. There is one more stadium situated beside the Victoria palace named as Eden garden where several cricket n football matches are being organized.

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