Victoria Memorial with friends

Victoria Memorial with friends

1425614_714760531937199_4862318772086177978_nHere is the Proof…

According to the assigned task-1;I nominated six of my friends Starting with Subham Raj,Nishant Sinha,Nalin Shankar ,Priyanshu ganguly,Pankaj Kumar Shah and Aditya to visit Victoria Memorial,Kolkata.

I said them about the Historic importance of Victoria Memorial that it was created in the memory of Queen Victoria. Construction of Victoria Memorial was funded by many Indian states, individuals of the British Raj and the British government in London also that it was built by famous architect William Emerson.

Victoria memorial also boasts a beautiful garden.The Victoria Memorial has a number of galleries, 25 in all.These include the royal gallery, the national leaders gallery, the portrait gallery, central hall, the sculpture gallery, the arms and armoury gallery and the newer, Calcutta gallery.

My friends were quite impressed by the facts and features of Victoria Memorial.

While Priyanshu and Aditya were sports freak the arms and armoury gallery excited them to visit the place.

For Nalin and Nishant they are from Architecture Engineering and they wanted to visit victoria memorial from a long time to feel and discover the architectural master piece.

Pankaj and Subham are most probably my best explorer friends they love going to new places and thus loved going to this new place.

We enjoyed alot visiting Victoria Memorial…


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