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Victoria Memorial – Trip To Heaven


The Victoria Memorial blends the best of the British and Mughal architecture. Today the Victoria Memorial hall is a museum having an assortment of Victoria memorabilia , British Raj paintings. As night descends on Kolkata , the Victoria Memorial hall is illuminated, giving it a fairy tale look. The Victorian Memorial has notable weapons like Dhop , Bayonets , Bhala , etc.Victoria Memorial Hall is now a museum and tourist destination under the auspices of the Ministry Of Kolkata.

Dishari Victoria Memorial

The Memorial lies on the Maidan Grounds by the bank of the Hooghly river, near Jawaharlal Nehru road.Lord Curzon (1895-1925) gave the conception of the hall and it was completed due to his own energy and perseverance. Victoria Memorial Hall is a masterpiece made for Queen Victoria. It has a collection of rare and antiquarian books such as illustrated works of William Shakespeare , the Arabian Nights and the Rubaiyat by the Omar Khayyam as well as books about Kathak dance When I was 12 years old , I went to Victoria memorial with my father. It was an mesmerizing expeience.At that point of time I couldn’t quite understand the value or importance of the whole place.

As a kid, I just used to run around the garden and watch the paintings with wonder as to what it actually was. It looked good. Now when I again visit Victoria Memorial with my friends, it becomes a place which holds much more importance. My point of view has totally changed now. Now when look at the paintings of Thomas Daniel, I feel overwhelmed that I came to this place otherwise my life would have been useless. My friends started laughing when I told them that I have fallen in love with Thomas Daniel. His paintings are magical. You look at them and you can imagine the whole scene in front of you. The characters in the paintings look perfectly alive. When you look at them , you feel like as if they are talking to you.

They express emotions , they express the colonial period of Indian History. The vastness and splendor of Victoria Memorial can be comprehended from the fact that it can be divided into different divisions like the garden, library, and others for maintenance and also houses a host of valuable articles like the dagger of Tipu Sultan, a cannon used in the Battle Of Plassey, rare books that date back to 1870. The Vastness Of The Garden and Thumri music by Wazid Ali Shah. These add a lot to our city’s culture.

I think people should read history and especially the history of Victoria Memorial because people that is humankind is even a part of some or the other history.