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Five of my friends with whom I went for GoUnesco Selfie are:- Abhinav Chauhan, Pankaj Meena, Akshaja Pal Singh ,Krishna Raghav and Bhumika Chugh.

A Heritage place , that too a fort having marvelous architecture definitely attracts my friends but when I told them that either we will have to take an auto richshaw or bus….they were like”Abey chall …bus mein kon jaega (Its the problem with all Delhiites , they are actually addicted to metro).Then after lot of wasted efforts , I manage to  convince them , let us go by auto.Having reached there and explored the beautiful place, they felt it was worth coming to this amazing quaint place.

My friends do like exploring and going to different places, but provided to the it should be within their convenience vicinity plus loaded with good food joints.They are more inclined towards  exploring new restaurants and food joints, be it anywhere in the capital.So a heritage place juxtaposed with  good eateries is a perfect place for them.

Splendid architecture and its vast stretch  of Tughlaqabad Fort wowed them. I observed how keen they were to get their photographs clicked in every corner of the fort- whether the underground tunnel or bulwark made with archery spaces .Tughlaqabad Fort  might not be as renowned or as other heritage places but it is as stupendous as any other place

The warm sun of winters, beautiful architecture and serene surroundings – Tughlaqabad fort should not be given a miss.

GoUnescoSelfie with Nominated five friends
GoUnescoSelfie with Nominated five friends