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Ravee Singh Ahluwalia is the chief functionary of Patiala Foundation, an NGO which is working in different arenas for the welfare of the society in the state of PUNJAB.With a long term vision in mind, accepting all the challenges coming in his path, successful and professional in both business and community areas, Mr. Ravee Singh Ahluwalia has been doing social work since 2009. He is a natural and persuasive communicator recognized among colleagues for keen ability to energise and inspire individuals to work towards achieving a common goal, excel in creating consensus among divergent groups. Creative and resourceful professional with a track of directing and/or playing a contributory role in major civic programs and interacting with media and business representatives, community and leaders, he has been working side by side without any time loss for the welfare of the society too. With the help of the NGO named Patiala Foundation of which he is the Chief Functionary he has been working continuously on various livelihood projects for the needy and poor people in the state of Punjab. Now he is looking forward to create awareness among the society through a unique platform of Citizen Journalism by launching an online news portal or in other words a tool for the common people to raise their voice against and in favor of the practices. The website has been named Its Not Funny.As the name suggests that “its not funny”, it is actually not funny. The website is portraying the real issues in the society. It is showing the brighter and the positive side of the people rather than the dark stories which creates a negative impact on the reader. This is great platform for those who want to raise their voice, who want to show their creativity, their innovations and much more to the world. “iSEWA” is a project for providing better access of essential Services to the residents of the city by means of direct dial-an-isewa facility thru the android Mobile app or online,to support livelihood of essential service providers and to bridge the gap in the society.

A heritage walk at the Bahadurgarh Fort

The Patiala Foundation organized the 2nd annual iHeritage walk at the Bahadurgarh Fort near ...