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I am an architect, designer, blogger and traveler. I work fulltime and travel by making more time for travel. I run a travel website for all those who are looking to travel the world with their office jobs. I started traveling in 2013 as a part of GoUNESCO Travel Challenge and won it. Send me a shout out on either social media or my site.
Deccan Chronicle Jan 2014

17 reasons to join GoUNESCO Travel Challenge

Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, ...

Manas National Parl

Year End trip with a lot of world hertitage sites

So the curtain closes on another year. This year has been really special for ...

Parul George Town

Proof for George Town

Have been to george toen not melaka… 🙁 had to cancel the trip.


Taj Mahal

Proof picture for Taj in my new Gounesco shirt 😀

GoUNESCO rewards

GoUnesco Rewards and Kashmir travel update

GoUnesco has been the reason we have been traveling this year. It is also ...

Monuments of Delhi- Mughals and Slave Dynasty make their Mark.

We had a lot of planning involved in this trip and taught us why ...