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I’m a graphic designer and art-lover who lives in Cairo. Through my bachelor- and pre-master projects, I discovered my love for Egyptian culture. I started to appreciate the importance of knowing how people live, act, eat, dress and connect with one another. During my Premaster project I worked on reviving old Nubian culture. The outcome of my project was a collection of patterns that are inspired by the Motifs on the Nubian houses. Later on I experimented my patterns on fabrics with different techniques, such as embroidery, woodblock printing and stencil printing. This project was one of the eye opening experiences for me. I’ve been always interested in personal and professional opportunities to make a positive impact on my society. My dream for the future is to work in the culture section of the UN or another international organization and focus on Egyptian culture. I want to make people aware of our rich culture, history and heritage.
Experimenting patterns in a Block printing technique on fabrics

Moment of inspiration

  Egypt has a wide range and diversity in its culture that starts with ...