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fatehpur sikri

fatehpur sikri

comparing silhouettes at fatehpur sikri in agra!    

reaching out at jantar mantar

jantar mantar at jaipur

i was reaching out to the concepts that i did not seem to understand ...


rocking it at mahabalipuram

the rock-cut temples at mahabalipuram took me by surprise. the grace in this huge ...

taj mahal

taj mahal and diana’s bench

i sat at the a bench that’s called diana’s bench. i’m sure you would ...

gelato-mania at cinque terre

Visited cinque terre in 2010 and been dying to go back ever since. wonder ...

leaning at pisa

leaning at pisa

everyone’s trying to hold the leaning tower with their finger or with both hands… ...

roman baths

the roman baths at bath

  the roman baths were not discovered until the late nineteenth century, while the ...

cornwall, ogling at surfers by the sea

cornwall, that part of england

    cornwall is a different part of england..or atleast very different from what ...

at the heart of vatican city

roaming in Roma

there is so much to see in rome that you can be there for ...

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