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I like starting interesting stuff - @GoUNESCO and Go Heritage Runs recently - @tripnaksha earlier. I once hitchhiked in the north-east of India for a month on a budget of Rs. 221 per day. Marathoner.
Smoky mountain national park

Weekend in the Smoky mountains

Flew down to Raleigh, NC and visited Vani akka. Then drove down to Smoky ...

Gary Arndt - Easter island

Gary Arndt – Award winning photographer and travel blogger

Gary has been blogging about his travel since 2007 and has visited more than ...

darjeeling himalayan railway

Darjeeling Railway May get Endangered Tag

Sikkim and North West Bengal were hit by a massive earthquake in 2011. Apart ...

Sakshi article GoUNESCO

Sakshi newspaper – Full page

Telugu newspaper Sakshi wrote about the GoUNESCO Challenge today in a full page article! ...

Ancient City of Aleppo Minaret

Conflict in Syria destroys a historic site

The city of Aleppo has been ravaged in the ongoing armed conflict between government ...

golconda grafitti

Don’t let it crumble

When I started GoUNESCO, it was a big surprise for me to find that ...

About India - GoUNESCO


Sharell Cook wrote about GoUNESCO today on About India, one of the best sources ...

Hindustan Times

Check page 13 of the Mumbai Edition. Link to the article – treasure seekers.


Interview on Chai With Lakshmi

Link: Interview on Chai With Lakshmi Chai With Lakshmi is one of India’s best ...