The torpedo launching ramp was built in 1933/1935 as part of Rijeka’s Torpedo factory. The ramp was used to test each torpedo three of four times to ensure product quality. The building was in active use until the 1960s.

This building is the most recognizable remain of Rijeka’s production of torpedoes and one of the few that still remain in the world. The invention and production of the torpedo were a big reason for the rapid industrial growth of Rijeka at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

From April 2nd 2002 the torpedo launching ramp and the remains of the compression unit as part of the Torpedo factory were listed in the Register of Cultural Goods of Croatia according to the Act on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Goods. However, the area is in a bad state and as I could tell during my visit to this site, visitors are discouraged from entering for safety reasons. Hopefully, in the near future, measures will be taken to ensure a safer environment and encourage visitors to explore this interesting industrial heritage site.


Torpedo Infographic


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