Ajay Reddy – Founder, GoUNESCO & Go Heritage Runs

I do not have a background in heritage – GoUNESCO was started as a layperson’s travel project. I say this because this has defined our approach with all our initiatives since then – to get regular people involved in heritage. At GoUNESCO and Go Heritage Runs, my role is building ways to get a diverse set of people to work together towards something important. And do this with limited resources.

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Ashwin Alexander – Operations Lead 

I’ve always enjoyed distance running and travelling and since my role at GoUNESCO involves planning fun runs at heritage sites, I get to do both – over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to recce heritage run routes in out-of-the-way towns, and across all terrains. We intend to take the fun run series global in the coming months so I’m eager to “make heritage fun” for fitness and heritage enthusiasts around the world. 

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Devyani Nighoskar – Editorial and Partnerships Coordinator

I recently graduated from a Media School with a specialization in Journalism and work as Lifestyle Features Writer for a Digital Magazine in Mumbai, India. I constantly look for stories wherever I go. My passion lies in travelling, observing cultures, and penning them down. That is the main reason behind my association with GoUNESCO for I feel it lets me explore different cultures and traditions and facilitates interaction with so many different people. I feel strongly for the cause of rural and responsible tourism and want to be able to work full time towards it in the near future and I really believe GoUNESCO’s dynamic global movement will help me achieve that.

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Francesca Scapolo – Social Media Manager

I recently graduated in Politics and International Relations at University of Trento, Italy. I spent part of my education in various countries and this has strongly roused my curiosity towards different cultures. I’m eager to know other people’s traditions, uses and customs. GoUNESCO has given me the chance to do so by simply connecting to its social platforms. It has really made me feel part of a dynamic global community. I believe GoUNESCO to be the bridge to a new way of promoting heritage consciousness, based on creativity, curiosity and opportunity.

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Jessica Scodro – Make Heritage Fun! (MHF) Main Coordinator 

I’m a tireless dreamer. My dream is travelling to know better other cultures and see how the heritage looks like in different parts of the world. GoUNESCO gives me the opportunity to travel the world, discover different cultural expressions and interact with people from different parts of the world through the protagonist of this era: social media. My role at GoUNESCO is to coordinate MHF Events and enable international cooperation between people from all around the world, through digital diplomacy, for a common goal: make heritage fun for all. The world is a wonderful place, and MHF reminds you when you forget that.

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Marco Romagnoli – GoUNESCO Global Internship Program (GIP) Coordinator 

Since tender age, I’ve always been captivated by diversity and said to my grandmother I wanted to “conoscere i popoli” (literally: get to know the people). This broad desire’s turned into my professional domain, cultural tourism. GoUNESCO allows me to deepen my understanding and awareness of the many people inhabiting this Earth and my job, as the GoUNESCO Global Internship Program Coordinator, is to make my interns discover this global cultural richness too!

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Mitchell Phelps – Merchandising Coordinator 

I have always strived to push myself to experience everything the world has to offer and I’m always on the move. Currently I am an Engineer and I have my own business along with planning and coordination of merchandising at GoUNESCO. Currently my job and location has made it difficult to play a bigger role but I sincerely love the goals GoUNESCO is trying to achieve. I’ve slowly been trying to establish GoUNESCO in the USA but it’s been quite the process. I’m doing my best to make it happen; one picture at a time.

Shantanu Tilak – Editorial Coordinator and Social Media Manager

Heritage has always been something that piques me despite the fact that I’ve only been in contact with it vaguely through the lens of critical theory and cultural studies. Working with GoUNESCO, I’ve been able to put my energy into creating and curating an archive of cultural data and trivia that can help assist ethnographic and comparative research for college students. I’ll be majoring in Psychology for my Masters, but my cultural studies background has helped me understand how public space and the way that it is designed affects the collective unconscious of a context. Since I’m currently in India for some part of the year, I feel that a repository of cultural data is necessary to understand the variegated complexity of the contemporary Indian context as well.

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Shubhra Rishi – Editor & New Initiatives Coordinator

I’m an engineer by education, and a technology writer and editor by choice. I spent the formative years of my life in Bhutan. As a result, I got the opportunity to explore a different culture. I believe that my strength is my ability to find a way to connect with different cultures and traditions. And my role at GoUNESCO allows me to do that. It opens my mind to a new world that makes heritage fun and brings people together.

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Vineetha Naval, Designer, Go Heritage Runs

I am an architect/interior designer from India. I have a very strong inclination towards art & design which led me to start “The White Box” – Brand for showcasing my handmade creative art products. I draw inspiration from everyday happenings and believe that even the simplest of things can be beautiful! I recently launched my own home decor line called the “The Eclectic Room” where I work with traditional artisans in India to create contemporary home decor products.
GoUNESCO is a great initiative to get know about various cultures and heritage all around the world and also gets you involved in fun activities and interact with people all around the world with similar interests. Designing collaterals for the Go Heritage Run personally for me is a very fun experience as its refreshes me with the history of art and architecture that I studied in my UG and at the same time lets me learn new things about certain heritage place.