Sri Manapully Bhagavathy Temple is located in Palakkad, Kerala. I visited this temple a couple of days ago when I went for my friend’s engagement in Palakkad. I came to know about the temple only through them. This godess is their family deity. Kerala as we all know is know for is beauty. The climate there is so pleasant that you would never want to come back, especially now its rainy season there. It was a long journey to Palakkad from Chennai as it was by road, but it is always so much fun when you go with a big group.

In this temple they give a particular prashad,(said to be made of blood) which is only for the people who have this temple as their family deity. When we went there, there was some ceremony going there, with their famous panchavadhyam, and three huge elephants (tuskers)carrying the goddess. It was a real treat for both the eyes and ears

Behind the temple is a huge pond where the people before entering the temple can have a dip. Now due to some reason all the water from the pond has been sucked out. Outside the temple there is a vast area where the “vedi vizha” that is continuous bursting of crackers takes place  during auspicious occasions. That is something one must not miss watching.

Sri Manappully Bhagavathy is Bhadrakaali and was born out of the sacred “Jada” of Lord Shiva during Dakshayaga. She is black in colour, with four hands, each one having Soolam, Kapalam, Gadkam and Khedam. She is with three eyes, two ‘Dhamshtram’, with ‘Pattudayada’ and valuable ornaments. The Prathishta is in ‘Shanta Bhava’. During ‘Chandattam’ ceremony She turns to ‘Rudra Bhava’ and becomes ‘Shanta Swaroopini ‘after accepting the ‘Kadummadura Payasa Nivedyam’. She is believed to satisfy the desires, hopes and aspirations of her true devotees and also protect them from all evils.

As per history this temple is around 100-150 years old. Recently they have renovated the temple.According to a legendary myth about the temple, an Asura called Neelan was disturbing the people with his misdeeds and became a menace to them. The people, complained about this to Parasuraman and he in turn sought a remedy from Lord Paramasiva. Paramasiva incarnating his female personality to Bhadra Kali and sent her to Akamalavaram to kill Neelan. After killing Neelan, Kali became Manappully Bhagavathy showering prosperity to her devotees.




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