4th November, 2012, The Red Fort, New Delhi, India. the baoli at the Red Fort in New Delhi. The Red Fort’s baoli is 14th century, significantly pre-dating the fort itself that is 17th century, it is not now open to the public. It is of unusual design being octagonal, double-storeyed and having two sets of steps leading down, one on the North and one on the West. It was also used at times as a prison by the British and before them the Mughals.

At the turn of the last century, Delhi had more than 100 baolis, today, many of them have caved in or dried up owing to the declining water table. The number has shrunk to about 15, according to the ASI. Stepwells (Baolis) are examples of the many types of storage and irrigation tanks that were developed in India, mainly to cope with seasonal fluctuations in water availability.


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