Rajasthan’s Turban Tying

The vividness of Traditional Rajasthan Turbans

Turban, the major head covering of Rajasthani men is made with a unique pattern and vibrant designs. It is worn by Rajasthani men based on a specific geographical area premeditated to go well with topography and weather conditions. Turbans come in different sizes, shapes and Shades. Specific turbans are worn on particular events, different styles of turban indicate a specific district and social group. And there are more than 1,000 kinds and styles of turbans in Rajasthan. Each kind represents the caste, social group and province of the person who wears it.

The vibrantly bright state of Rajasthan is identical with imposing forts, lakes, dignified palaces, camels, sand dunes and the people of Rajasthan who are dressed up in dazzlingly decorated attire. The state of Rajasthan brims with lavish shades of colors, the glitter of mirror work garments, silver, precious stones, etc.

The vividness of Traditional Rajasthan Turbans
The vividness of Traditional Rajasthan Turbans

So as to include a touch of color and life to the colorless landscape, the populace of Rajasthan exhibit first choice for dazzling set of clothes. Starting from the local villagers of Rajasthan, to the majestic crowned heads, the number one preferred colors of Rajasthanis are intense red, energetic green, dazzling orange and alluring yellow that are tinted by a sumptuous use of gleaming gold & silver ‘gota’ or ‘zari’. The dyers who belong to Rajasthan and bordering Gujarat were extremely talented craftsmen starting from ancient history. Even today, their incomparable dexterity is apparent in the attire chosen and worn by Rajasthansis. Hence, the lifestyle of Rajasthanis is curtailed without the acquaintance of their ornaments and garments. At present, the attire of the Rajasthanis has the likeness of the outfit of the earlier period. For sure, costumes articulate our personality and make a distinction from one another.

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