Qutub Minar – Discovering with Friends

Visiting qutub minar

From the very first day, I knew that india is one nation that is rich in its culture and monuments. Much is said and know about Indian heritage, but one can only understand the magnificence of heritage  by visiting the exotic adobe. In fact, after my visit to Delhi, I had a clear picture of how important its heritage is to the land and to its people. The exotic monuments, music, dance forms, paintings, cuisines all add up to its heritage.

This statement is right for qutub minar, I visited Qutub Minar for first time with friends as a part of heritage walk. I was amazed to see the influence of persian style of architecture mixed with indian rajput style. it still shows the impact which we get from medival history.

I reached Qutub Minar via metro with my friends. After reaching there, we took the entry pass. The entry fee was quite nominal compared to the experience we were all about to undergo it was hot sunny delhi summer crowd was less as it gives time to explore the place silently with passion and observing the monument closely with my friends .It was wonderful, interesting and fascinating to see all the heritage around.

We also came across an iron pillar. It is said and believed that if someone holds it around with his both hands and wishes something ,the wish gets granted . Anyways ,no one is allowed to go very near the iron pillar. The cafes and Side by restaurants are travelers delight .one can travel with time seeing the history behind .

with such time of experiences with friends one can get close to culture and heritage of our incredible india. An excitement and thrill was there when moving to lawns it was like I was close to history. The cluture of ancient india is depicted in the monument with define persian art.

Visiting qutub minar

Visiting qutub minar

Visiting qutub minar

Visiting qutub minar

Visiting qutub minar

Visiting qutub minar

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