If someone is in search of peace and wants to breathe fresh air with exotic views and colours of nature then there is q place called Nilkantheshwar, situated on the hills between Khadakwasla and Panshet, Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is surrounded by backwaters of the Khadakwasla Dam, which is 50 kilometres from Pune. The temple of lord Shiva adds a mysterious aura to this place. On the way to this place you will be surrounded by trees, water bodies and hills.

A subsidiary shrine in the temple housing lord Dattatreya.
Image: shankar s. on Flickr

Nilkantheshwar is situated at the top of the hill, so parking for vehicles is at the bottom so one can enjoy the trekking the hill. This place is totally surrounded by a valley with flowing water hence the atmosphere is wet and cool. As it is way above sea level, the air is fresh and wind is higher in moisture content. The view of the backwaters of khadakwasla is just amazing thing to watch.

The temple is a perfect blend of culture and nature. It is situated in a region where a lot of rain happens and surrounded by water and eye-catching greenery. On the top of the hill, there are lot of statues of gods as well as animals. Monsoon is the peak time to visit. Here, one can enjoy the monsoon as well as the stunning wind blowing on the top of hill.

Monsoon is the peak time to visit the temple.
Image: shankar s. on Flickr

Many visitors across Pune enjoy the lunch here. It is fun to have food at the top of hill below some trees. The place is a hidden Jewel in Pune, and many people don’t know about this but its a pure heritage.

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