Established by Allaudin khilji in 1284, this fort marks the beginning of the rule of Delhi as the capital of the first Muslim rulers of India. The word hauz comes from the Urdu word Hauz which means pond. The emperor Alaudin commissioned a large pond for the inhabitants of the Siri fort, the then second city of delhi. It was named as Hauz-i-khas after the emperor but later Feroz shah tuglaq renamed it as Hauz khas. Madrassa or Hauz khas fort served as an educational institution for the children of that time and they with their teachers studied and lived in this beautiful , now turned into ruins, Fort. One can also find the tombs of the then teachers that were built next to the rooms of the students which was considered a sign of a blessing. Today, the lake has become a tourist attraction which provides the sight of ducks and swans.