Being from Rhodes, I have always been surrounded by the architecture and history of the beautiful Medieval City, which is located pretty much in the centre of the city centre. It’s history has enchanted many and every year people from around the world come to discover where the famous Hospitaller Knights (Order of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem) used to live. The locals would say that if time travel existed and a knight who lived at around 1309 to 1523 came back in Rhodes now, he would still be able to recognize and walk around the old town.

As far as history is concerned, the knights left the island for Malta when a treaty was signed between them and Suleiman the Magnificent in 1522.  With this in mind, I have to accentuate the importance of the ottoman influence in the architecture of the city. When we walk around the city, we can see the mosqué (τζαμί), the public baths (which are currently renovated) and many houses still carry the ottaman architectural touch, which translates the hybridity and transcultural history of the island.

I cannot wait to go back during summer because even though I have always been there, I can assure you that I always discover new passages, roads and houses that I had never paid attention to before.
Medieval City of Rhodes – Greece