Trip to Victoria Memorial – #makeheritagefun in Kolkata

It was raining the entire day. I woke up late. It was a sunday after a tiring week of my new training. But i had made an appointment already. I was supposed to meet some new friends at Victoria Memorial Hall of Kolkata. It was a new venture of my life and I was excited to join the #makeheritagefun event of GoUNESCO. I took metro from Kalighat and got down at Maidan station. It is only 5 min walking distance. I reached on time and contacted the GCA Aparna Madhu. My friend Ankit Chakraborty was me. We make our trip around VM. talk to the tourists from out of the city, knew about their experince at VM. We took a lot of selfies. We were 6 people all total. We also visited the Museum inside. We beat the rain and made our #makeheritagefun trip total successful. 😀


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sweet people  #makeheritagefun
sweet people

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