A fascinating visit to Qutub Minar becomes all the more fun when it is with some of your closest friends.

Qutub Minar is one the tallest structures and is about 120 meters long. Well, I had only heard that before. But I experienced it myself, and it surely was a long and beautiful structure.

My friends and I drove via car to the Qutub Minar. After reaching there, we took the entry pass. The entry fee was quite nominal compared to the experience we were all about to undergo.

It was a hot day, usual hot days of Delhi. And there were vendors all over the road offering us drinks, as we reached the entrance gate. After, getting thoroughly checked by the security officials. We finally entered the premises of the Minar.

It was wonderful, interesting and fascinating to see all the heritage around. The Minar stood tall and arrogantly like no one can me taller than him.

Fort like feeling
Fort like feeling

My friends and I were all over the place, clicking pictures, learning about the heritage structures. We read about the majestic Qutub Minar.


We also came across, an iron pillar. It is said and believed that if someone holds it around with his both hands and wishes something, the wish gets granted. Anyways, no one is allowed to go very near the iron pillar.


Amazing minar
Amazing Minar

We, also so those epic fort like place with beautiful peace of architecture on them. And clicked a lot of pictures too.

As it was very hot, we didn’t stay for long. But stayed enough to make things memorable.

My favorite picture
My favorite picture
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Heritage shots

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