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Makeheritagefun PosterOn Sunday, December 20th 2015, GoUNESCO, a UNESCO New Delhi supported series of initiatives focused on making heritage fun, is organizing a distributed social media campaign aimed at creating global awareness about local heritage. Heritage enthusiasts, independent travelers and students in 25+ countries around the world will converge at local heritage sites to take photos and videos and then share them online. Experiences from across the world will be collated and amplified through social media using the hashtag #makeheritagefun.

“Groups of people attract attention. And groups of people acting together online can attract even more attention. The goal of a #makeheritagefun event is to bring people together and create both online buzz and offline conversations around heritage”, said Ajay Reddy, Founder, GoUNESCO.

“In some cities, larger events are being planned. Treasure Hunts in New Delhi and Thiruvananthapuram,  a heritage documentation program in Hyderabad, a heritage walk in Jammu, a castle exploration in Budapest, Hungary and a tour of a Cathedral in Durham, England are just some of the events lined up for Sunday and we encourage anyone interested in heritage to take part”, he added.

To participate, find a local event near you by visiting GoUNESCO’s facebook page or simply visit a local heritage site, take photos, and join a real-time conversation using the #makeheritagefun hashtag.

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About GoUNESCO:  GoUNESCO is a UNESCO New Delhi supported series of initiatives focused on making heritage fun. We organize travel challenges, fun runs at heritage sites, as well as a global student program. Read more

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    GoUNESCO is a UNESCO supported umbrella of initiatives that make heritage fun! Currently these include global travel challenges, a student program, Go Heritage Runs and 'Make Heritage Fun!' events.

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