The Lost City Of Zaña

This year, I have the opportunity to be part of a new activity.

Make Heritage Fun helped me to learn a lot about how to create awareness in people here in my city about our historic places and buildings.

I started the first event in September with all my students; we were in different parts of the country, so we posted some pictures of it.

The Lost City Of Zaña

This December 20th we (three students and my collegue) made a trip to Zaña.

Zaña is a village located in the north coast of Peru (Lambayeque, Peru) and was a very important city in XVI century. This place was visited by the Spaniards when they came to conquer the country.

They made some beautiful religious buildings while they lived here, but in 1606 a devastating rain overflow the nearly river and it destroyed the entire city.

Since that tragedy, Zaña lost its title of “principal city”, all the survivors moved to other places and its great buildings stayed in ruins.

Now Zaña in spite of being a small place has these great ruins of the Church and the convent of “San Agustín”.

So how I said before, San Agustin Church and convent are part of a small complex, and the ruins are in a process of conservation because it was made all in clay brick and weather hurts the structures.

The Church has Gothic domes, and baroque facades. And the convent used to have two cloister but now only keeps one of them.  This part consists in a garden rounded of four arches.

The experience this time was different and better than the first event. We could feel the building and learn about the history of the city, we took a lot of pictures besides we could eat really good and typical food.

I hope you enjoy pictures like I enjoyed the trip!

Let’s #MakeHeritageFun