Lodhi Garden Walk

On 12th june i woke up early in the morning and ready for excitement which i controlled from past few days. Today the day i go to explore my first walk with my batchmates from iittm. Our walk is based on Lodhi Garden which is a very beautiful and historical place and have its own importance in that time of monuments.I reached there at 9:30am and enjoy the morning time at the entrance gate of garden where some of my friends already present and we all waiting for others friends which are in the way.Soon after we enter to the garden and sit near the entrance gate where a number of birds and gillheries try to find-out food for the day and they make a unique sense which i noticed and i enjoyed the moment when i see that birds.

After waiting sometime our friends reached there and they joined us than we starts our walk.This is my first experience how a heritage walk is to be conducted and what type of importance this garden have in our History.And after walking threw the monument i learn a number of things which i never hear before and the overall experience of this walk is very much better and i always remember this monument.And today this walk itself is history

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  • Anil Kharb

    I am a simple and straight forward boy and always explores new things in my life.I am an engineer by profession & traveller by passion.I always excited to experience new places and monuments which inherit me to the past of our culture and every time i fell in love with my country my nation Hindustan.I like to interact with new peoples and i love myself......

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