The task play with heritage was given to know the culture and heritage sites of a place in an interesting way. i selected Kolkata which is also known to be the “Joy City”. Kolkata’s cultural sites not only include Indian architecture but also once being capital during British Raj it has the essence of other cultures too. The puzzle shall bring to light the beauty of the city.





[Instructions: Re-arrange the given letters in the hint and get to know your answer]


  • A cultural heritage site modeled on Taj Mahal. ( ORVIACTI IEMOMRLA)
  • The Amusement Park which is also known as “Disneyland of West Bengal.” (COCIN APRK)


  • The official residence of Governor of WB. (ARJ VBAHNA)


  • Principal mosque of Kolkata built by imitating the Mausoleum of Mughal Emperor Akbar at Sikandra, Agra. (AHKNOAD IDSMAJ)


  • Museum depicting epics like Ramayan and Mahabharat. (HNEUR HERNCILD MSEMUU)


  • The house of Tagore and cultural hub of Kolkata. (OJAR OKHANS)

  • The place also known as Yuva Bharatia Krirangan. (TALS AELK TAIUMDS)

  • Only family museum of Kolkata which is open to public. (ARSANAB HANASAGRHASAL)

  • Cricket Stadium which is largest in India and third largest in the world. (NEDE AGNRDE)

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