How much do you know about India’s Ancient Architecture?

India is an interesting country with impressive architecture that contributes to its rich cultural heritage. Temples are the most characteristic monuments of ancient architecture. The different architectural styles of temples are a result of several features: geography, weather, history, language and culture of the people who lived there.

In Ancient India, there were different cultures and religions. Thus, the monuments built at that time are the example and the reflection of the life of those civilizations.

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  • Blanca Roux

    Blanca Roux Rodríguez was born in Salamanca, a town located in the west of Spain. She has studied Information Science in her hometown at the University of Salamanca, which is one of the oldest universities of Europe. She is passionate about music and loves to play the piano. She has traveled extensively in Europe, and has done an internship in New York for 9 months.

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