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Jan, 24 2016
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chill out restaurant, hampi bazaar


I am back from the most awesome place, a place where you like to go again and again and again and again, the place where the present teaches you the past of south India.
HAMPI the world’s biggest world heritage site.
So this is how I experienced Hampi.

Hampi Ride

DAY 1 :

Started the ride around 5:30 am IST in my classic 350, and took the Hyderabad-raichur-gangavathi – Hampi route, the ride is smooth all along, other than couple of rough patches between Devargadra and Marikal once you cross Marikal the road though is a state highway is clean till gangavathi again, couple of kilometers from gangavathi – Hampi is really bad but as you go ahead the road slowly gets back into shape.

After crossing Kampli and Rama sagar, I started to feel the aura of Hampi in distant boulders that are separating the usually ever blue skies of Hampi from the green banana plantation and paddy fields , enjoying the scenic beauties along sides of road and slowly entering into the Hampi town, the ruins with past glory welcomed me into the town giving me a glance of monolithic ganesha as a sign of good in the mid noon(2.00 pm) .
As I entered Hampi bazaar , I immediately went to collect the bib for next days run, which was at monolithic nandi, thanks to ajayreddy and team(go heritage run organizers) as they received me so pleasantly and helped me get my bib.

The two things you need when you go on a trip is a place to sleep and mobile network for communication. In my case I need the later to get the first. My roomies who reached Hampi in the morning, are in mathunga hills chilling out and me in Hampi bazaar trying my luck for mobile network. Thanks to sudeendra and abhigyan(my roomies) for choosing to hike up the mathunga hill, otherwise my search for network would have went in vain if they were in bazaar. Finally found the network at the entrance of Hampi (remember the monolithic ganesha – good sign ) called them, found them

the first words I hear from abhigyan , are you in shape to climb up… thanks again to ajay reddy for allowing me to keep my baggage with them…. I climbed up the hill spent some time enjoying the aerial view of Hampi .
Came down to the room around 5 Pm, got freshened and it’s time for some snuch- as I call it (snack & lunch, remember I missed out on lunch) …. Thanks to Tibetan restaurant for such a tasty food, ordered a pot of cinnamon tea, spinach omelet and onion omelet with bread for three of us and guess what its so economical and the bill is just 170 rupee.

Finally the exploration started from virupaksha temple, the corridors, the ornamentation, the detailing and the energy inside the temple are all the very same to wat I have seen couple of years back.

As I remember the mango tree restaurant is famous for its ambience and location along with the food, the mango tree restaurant was in the banks of the river, and we headed straight to the river to have a tasty dinner….. After almost circling the Hampi, did we realize that the actual mango tree has been relocated into the heart of the Hampi bazaar and for our surprise its right across our stay (pushpa guest house)

The stay is a home stay, decent, well maintained, adjacent to the boundary of virupaksha temple, the view of gopuram is amazing from the terrace. A bit on a higher side but good.

DAY 2 :

Running in the streets of Hampi in groups admiring the art and architecture of the place is the best experience one can enjoy , any other mode of transport might be quick and get you to the entrance but the running is something that makes you feel concentrated about the place, the fresh scents of paddy field , the sound of water flowing in the canals and the birds singing set up a perfect way to enjoy the heritage of our country.
The run route has been perfectly planned so that we cover almost all the important sites along the run. Thanks again to ajay for saving us the time to visit the place again.

Right across the river is the Hampi island, hired a couple of bikes to go around Hampi island , we visited the reservoir , the lake and the kiskinda temple and then went to anegudi , an important place to visit along with the Hampi.

Hiking the mountain is strenuous after the run but the aerial view we get from top of the hill is breath taking and made me forget all the pain we had gone through.
Lunch at the Hampi island in Hampi roof restaurant is so refreshing and had a pretty heavy lunch , some Israeli dishes with a chilled beer is so refreshing , after a little nap we took the ferry back to Hampi as the roomies are getting late to catch the train.

Spending some time at the sunset view point, and enjoying the fresh air and watching the aerobatic performances of monkeys, I was making my plan of the night, A new place to stay for the night is wat my next agenda is , as my roomies are already left and I had to stay back alone for the night and found another place near to Hampi bazaar. After a quick fresh up I headed directly to the chillout restaurant to grab a quick dinner

As it is named, the restaurant is a best hangout spot at any point of the time with best food and more friendly people around, the service is good and to my luck a couple of musicians(hippies) were playing some amazing music while the rest are busy applauding and humming to their tunes.
Grabbing some light dinner(spinach omelet with bread and cinnamon tea), a conversation with a south Korean kept me occupied , knowing about places from south Korea to giving him some knowledge about India was the gist of the conversation.
The music still playing and the conversation going on, the time just flew from minutes to hours, being spent a good 2.5 hours there, waved him a good bye.

Hampi Ride

DAY 3 :

The last day ,
the day when your heart and mind don’t go hand in hand , the day when your heart says to stay and the mind reminds you of your work back home.
Waking up to the jumps of langoors on the roof. The day started fresh with a tea right outside the stay, packing everything to say one final good bye to the stay and also, kick started my ride, and quickly realizing that deep in my heart am already missing Hampi, I made one last round of Hampi and visited all the important places on the bike saying my goodbyes to Hampi

_ signed off from Hampi to Hyderabad

My word to first time visitors:
Hampi is a place which makes you come back again and again, so don’t worry that you missed seeing something , you are gonna come back soon
Hampi is an addiction, just like running
Hampi is India’s pride and everyone else’s who love heritage. So please don’t litter.
U visit Hampi 100 times and learn 100 things, there is always something more to learn here.

My travel :

Travel mode : royal enfield classic 350
Travel expenditure : 1250 (fuel expenses)
Stay and food : 2000 (first 2 days)
Stay 2nd night : 700
Food 2nd night : 200
Over all expenditure : 4500/- (including misc.)

– Signing off
Sunthosh Enamala
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  I am back from the most awesome place, a place where you like to go again and again and again and again, the place where the present teaches you the past of south India. HAMPI the world’s biggest world heritage site. So this is how I experienced Hampi. DAY 1 : Started the...