All Heritage Sites Listed by Archaeological Survey of India

Browse this map to see all heritage sites/monuments listed by the Archaeological Survey of India – more than 3300 in all!
How to use this map?

  • Since the number of sites is quite large, nearby sites are grouped into clusters.
  • Zoom in to a particular region to see individual sites.
  • Click on a map marker to see a popup with details such as the name of the site and address.
  • Bonus – the popup has links to the nearest World Heritage Sites too! If you are planning to travel, you might consider visiting the WHS too and vice versa.
  • You can share your photos or tips or travel experiences about the site too – follow the link in the popup.
  • If you see any error in the entry, click the link in the popup and fill the form to let us know. We will cross check and correct the entry accordingly.