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GoUNESCO is a UNESCO New Delhi supported umbrella of initiative. Its purpose is to create awareness among the people about our Heritage. GoUNESCO have 500 students as a GoUNESCO campus Ambassador from 45 countries included past and present with a simple objective – Make heritage fun.

GoUNESCO pursues its objectives through three major programs GoUNESCO Campus Ambassador Programme, GoUNESCO Travel Challenges and Go Heritage Runs in many cities.


GoUNESCO’s aim is to promote awareness of heritage and culture via fun, run and educational tasks with activity.

The broad goals and concrete objectives of the international community — as set out in the internationally heritage awareness by encouraging travel to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

GoUNESCO Vision say that Heritage is everywhere! Let’s celebrate it today and tomorrow.

GoUNESCO Objective is to Increase heritage awareness by encouraging travel to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

History of Starting


The GoUNESCO Founder Mr. Ajay Reddy Saw this picture in January 2012 and motivated him to to start something to create awareness of Heritage sites.

Awards and recognition’s

Every year GoUNESCO gives the award who visits maximum place in the calendar year. GoUNESCO also recognizes Campus Ambassadors across the world and honor them to award a certificate.

GoUNESCO set up the Challenge with the goal of making heritage fun!

Every year lots of Participants takes part of this challenge to explore the world of Heritage Places. The Peoples makes the History behind it. It gives the opportunity to make awareness among the people.


GoUNESCO also has a thriving student outreach program

GoUNESCO Campus Ambassador Program

Students across the world participating this 6 month program . Students do various activity to create awareness.

Students takes every month challenges to complete their heritage related task and submitted with in the deadline.

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