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Glory Of Ahmedabad - Hathisingh na mandir shivangi motwaniTo complete the task as the Campus Ambassador I decided to visit the Hathisingh na Mandir. Not due to any fancy reason but because it was proximity to my house and was ideal place to visit for getting break from studies. If I was not assinged this task or was not bound with exams, I would have sound like “Mandir bi koi gumne ki jaga h? (Is temple a place to visit)”, even without reading the fab history of the place. But after my visit I am sure that i will visit the place again and again.
This Prominent Jain temple reflects the beautiful architecture by the artisans of 19th century. It has been named after its founder Seth Hathee Singh, a prosperous Jain merchant. With the help of Google I found it was build in dedication of 15th Jain Trithanakara named Dharmnath. The temple has a cemented courtyard that is enclosed by a row of cloisters, which contains 52 holy places. Each of the shrines consists of an image of a Tirthankara. I got to know that, the temple contains 238 stone images, 83 metal images and 21 yantras.

Hats off to artisans and their work.
The rain shower after the visit made my evening.
I would kindheartedly suggest all ahmedavadies to pay a visit once.


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