Gateway of India – Wondrous to behold !

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#gounescoselfie #gatewayofindia
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We thought what better heritage site to take a selfie at than the ‘Gateway of India‘, as it is one of the most distinguishing landmarks of the city of Mumbai which we greatly adore. It is a monument built to represent an entrance into the city for it’s visitors from the various parts of the world. This location has a beautiful view of the Arabian sea, also nearby there is Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, which does seem like a real palace. People visiting this magnificent wonder of art also have the option to go for a ferry rides which is one to remember, it is very enjoyable.
Coming to the history of Gateway of India, the main objective behind it’s construction was to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai (Then referred to as Bombay).

The beauty of this monument comes from the structure through which one can witness the beautiful sea that lies ahead for the visitors sailing off and a peak into the wondrous city of Mumbai for the ones coming towards the city.


Gateway of India in my eyes is a monument depicting the importance and care we Indians show our guests from beyond the horizon of the Arabian Sea.

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