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The New Year had just begun, the festivities had just gotten over, and I, along with all the other GoUNESCO Campus Ambassadors, was given their first task. The task: to convince five of our friends to go visit any heritage site. Incentive for friends: None. Which further made the task’s difficulty level: Hard.

I nominated five of my best friends from college , namely : Raya Dhar , Rhea Mehta, Neha Rustagi , Shambhavi Sharma and Diksha Mehta ; to help me get through the first task . Their reaction blew me away, as all of them agreed to visit the heritage site of Jamali Kamali with me the following day. But I was sure, there was some hidden cost behind their affirmative answers; and that was a Treat! Knowing I did not have much money as the week was coming to an end, I however convinced them giving them false hopes 😀

Excited as I was the next day, however, I started getting messages and calls in the morning from four out of my five friends that they won’t be able to make it on time that we had all decided upon. Some had a few important classes to attend while one of them had a personal issue. But before I lost hope, my best friends told me that they would make our visit happen that very day, even if it gets a bit late.

After everyone got free, we finally got together, took the metro and got off at Qutub Minar metro station, nearest to Jamali Kamali. And since I had already been there once with my parents, I became the official guide for my friends! I showed them the Rose Garden that was just a few yards away from the entrance and also the Qutab Minar that could be spotted in the near vicinity. Then we went racing all the way to the Jamali Kamali mosque, in which no one was declared a winner since everyone cheated. The girls were awestruck seeing the simple but beautiful architecture, the mihrab, and the mosque in the near vicinity. Since the place accessible to us was only the Prayer
Hall, and it was obvious to do what used to happen there centuries ago, we decided to practice our songs we had prepared for fests coming up. The echo effect made us sound like we were on stage with mikes. This further made our visit to Jamali Kamali quite fun! After clicking a lot of pictures and selfies, we headed to that area which is known to be haunted. We explored that place a bit and quickly made our way out, as we could actually sense the eerie atmosphere over there.

Later, when we were going back, we spotted this scary half skull of some animal we couldn’t figure out as the lower jaw was the only thing left. And we ran! To lift our moods a bit and distract our mind from what we had just saw, all of us bought these pretty flowers from the florists sitting right outside the Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

Keeping my promise to my friends, I treated them to street food they all loved and went back to college to attend our music practice.

It is in fact rightly said, “a Friend in need, is a Friend indeed” .IMG-20150120-WA0005