Making Heritage Fun- Exploring Hill Palace



Getting to explore Kerala’s largest archaeological museum. Situated on a hill top, with its 54 acres of land,Hill Palace is most certainly one of its kind. It was built by Kochi Maharaja’s who are believed to have quite the taste for art and culture .


It is not just the scenic beauty that drives people from around the world, Hill Palace also stands as one of the best centre for heritage studies.How it was in the past, lifestyle of different “rajas” can be gathered form a visit to this palace




People who take pleasure in enjoying beauty of nature,observing the wild,this is your dream destination.The architectural beauty is something else that needs the praise.It just leaves ones jaw dropped, making us think how such a construction could have been possible so long back.

Full length side view of the palace
Full length side view of the palace
Cremation ground of  " Pareekshit Thampuran Ramavarma"
Cremation ground of ” Pareekshit Thampuran Ramavarma”


This used to be the residential area of different rulers of Kochi. The palace has  been handed over to the archaeological department of Kerala and is now one of the main bridges that connect the past to the present.Different folklore, folk art instruments,oil paintings, royal jewellery, crown, throne are all preserved here and is open for the public to see.It also holds many prehistoric stone inscriptions and sculptures.


Weapons Gallery
Weapons Gallery- one gets to see all sorts of weapons, from a small pen knife to the kings sword.Once you go inside you feel really pity on the harsh fate of criminals.
The old clock tower
The old clock tower


The old oil lamp model..Wont be lucky enough to find these outside nowadays..!!
The old oil lamp model..Wont be lucky enough to find these outside nowadays..!!

It is not just the architectural beauty and the heritage of Kerala this palace preserves.It is also home to different varieties of flora and fauna.It has got a beautiful garden,which habitats numerous butterflies in it and a wonderful deer park.








The 54 acres of beautiful landscape also houses many rare medicinal herbs, and is just the perfect destination for botanists.The dense forest trails around the palace provides area to the public for a leisure stroll.The area is quite calm and serene, with fresh air to breath in and purify our “grey cells”.

forest trail where people usually go for morning walks
forest trail where people usually go for morning walks

The place is also a major shooting location.Many film have been shot from here. In fact I was quite lucky to watch one myself.

It is my first experience in exploring a heritage site at my home town and I certainly  benefited from it.The knowledge gained is worth the share.I am sure people who visit would go back, having been able to get one step closer to knowing our heritage..!!

#makeheritagefun 🙂



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