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Date(s) - 01/04/2017
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Municipality Theatre of Ampelokipi


The dance – music show under the title “Seems like a lie…” (Greek title: “San psema…”), that will be held at the premises of the Municipality Theatre of Ampelokipi “Alexis Minotis”, Thessaloniki, on the first of April, 2017, celebrates the intangible heritage of fairy tales in Greek Tradition of Minor Asia. The event is being organized by the Cultural Association “Anatolis Ichni” (English Translation: Traces of the East), under the directions of the Historian and Teacher of traditional dances, Mr. Vasilis Gioranidis.

The show includes traditional dances, songs and theatrical performances inspired by traditional expressions related to fairy tales. The range of local traditions included extends from the region of Pontus, the south part of the Black Sea, to the costal line of Minor Asia. One could say that this is an imaginary trip to this vast region, from Pontus and Cappadocia, to Marmara Sea and Aegean Sea.

Sixty dancers, six actors and six musicians will be on stage for a show of an hour and a half, wearing exact replicas of old traditional costumes, nowadays preserved in museums.

For further information,

please feel free to contact the Event Manager:

Evdoxia Kalpatsinidou,

e-mail: 0030 6940175630

Fees: 5 euros


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    Evdoxia Kalpatsinidou

    Let’s celebrate our intangible cultural heritage!

    On 2003, UNESCO adopted the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. We draw the definition of the term from article 2 of the Convention:
    “The “intangible cultural heritage” means the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, skills – as well as the instruments, objects, artefacts and cultural spaces associated therewith – that communities, groups and, in some cases, individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage. This intangible cultural heritage, transmitted from generation to generation, is constantly recreated by communities and groups in response to their environment, their interaction with nature and their history, and provides them with a sense of identity and continuity, thus promoting respect for cultural diversity and human creativity.”.
    The Convention was ratified by the Greek Parliament in 2006 through Law 3521/2006.

    The local communities tried to stand up and avoid what the globalization was bringing and most of all, the fear of losing their identity and diversity. The intangible – and the tangible – cultural expressions not only mirror the values of the community but create the community itself, strengthen and bringing it together. So, the best way for the stakeholders of these traditions to safeguard them is to continue to celebrate and preserve them.

    Having that in mind, the Cultural Organization “Anatolis Ichni”, being part of the community of Greeks descended from Minor Asia refugees and feeling the need of safeguarding this intangible heritage, acts in the cultural and heritage field, collecting and documenting information on intangible heritage and organizing successfully many events.
    The upcoming event under the title “Seems like a lie…” hopes to bring together all the intangible heritage enthusiasts, inviting them to attend and have the opportunity to hear traditional songs, watch traditional dances and modern performances, inspired by our ancestors’ rich tradition. A tradition that has been transmitted to us as a living body.

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