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In March, we announced a design contest where we asked for ideas based on the theme of World Heritage Sites in India. We received nearly 50 entries from near and far and finally, here are the winners.

Team – Krishan Ramani, Bhavya Mistry
College – S.V.I.T. Vasad
City – Vadodara

krishan, bhavya concept-small
Design concept
krishan, bhavya cup-small
Mug Design
krishan, bhavya magnets-small
Individual fridge magnets
krishan, bhavya t shirt print details-small
T Shirt print

We really liked the idea of integrating world heritage sites from different parts of the country and those built by people of different religions into one graphic. The design stands on its own in parts and as a whole too. This design symbolizes that heritage is for all. At a time when we have threats to heritage because of religious intolerance, this design shows a way to respect all heritage. The bright colors go with GoUNESCO’s theme of making heritage fun too.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who participated!
P.S – Want to get these designs on a t-shirt or mug for you? Let us know in the comments.

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    GoUNESCO is a UNESCO supported umbrella of initiatives that make heritage fun! Currently these include global travel challenges, a student program, Go Heritage Runs and 'Make Heritage Fun!' events.

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