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My name is Sandhiya Murugesan. As an architecture student, I have a lot of interest in historical monuments and sites. It sparks my curiosity. This is why i am very enthusiastic about this heritage project.


The heritage site that i have choosen is that of Chepauk Palace, Chennai. It was the residence of Nawab of Arcot from 1768-1855 and is known for its building characteristics, its lime mortar, red brick walls, wide arches and beautiful intricate carvings.The palace consists of two buildings Khalas Mahal and the Humayun Mahal.It was the first building built by Indo-sarcenic style of architecture in the country, a style for which Madras became famous.


Sadly, during my visit to this beautiful heritage building, i had discovered that once grand structure, the Chepauk Palace has fallen into ruins due to the  lack of maintenance.The glory and grandeur of its 250 years of history has been reduced to broken walls and shambles.


The main conclusion of why i choose this Chepauk Palace was to create an awareness of saving a historic monument, because once it is lost, we cannot revive its originality. Hence the quote, “ONCE A PIECE OF HISTORY IS LOST,IT  IS LOST FOREVER”.