Heritage Tales

What makes Heritage interesting?
The innumerable myths, tales, legends and stories attached to any heritage site. Some real, some made up but all of them fascinating and engaging.

This task takes students on a journey to explore these tales and myths.
GCAs in each city were grouped into a team – each team chose any heritage site in their city, interacted with people there and unearthed stories associated with the site.

Kotla Feroz Shah – The City of Djinns?

The team comprised : Amit Das, Anil Kharb , Shailja , Rajat Singh and ...

Shahi Bouli: A Key leading to Nawabi treasure!

Shahi Bouli is one of  famous attractions as it is  present inside the premises of ...

indian coffee house kolkata

The Indian Coffee House – Kolkata and Adda

“Debates are the mother of solutions, But, Adda is the father of debates!!” ——Anonymous ...

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