Task Description

It’s quite simple, go get a selfie for your profile on gounesco.com!

But wait, there’s more – 3 steps more to be exact.

  1. You have to take a selfie while holding a print (or show on your tablet/phone) of this image – download. Make sure you write your name in the blank space. Upload it to your gounesco.com profile and on social media (fb/instagram/twitter) with the hash tag #gounescoselfie.
  2. Take the selfie at a heritage location in your current city. You are free to choose the heritage location; it need not be a world heritage site either.
  3. Come back, write an article about this heritage location (why is it a heritage location, its significance to the city’s history, how did you get there, your experience on the visit, etc) and submit it on gounesco.com. You can submit more pictures too!

Procedure to upload your profile photo and article on gounesco.com:

  • For both, first login here: gounesco.com/login
  • Upload profile photo: Click on ‘Edit profile‘ on the top right corner of your profile page, upload your photo in the Avatar section and click on Update profile.

Writing an article: Click on ‘Write Article‘ on top right of your profile page, upload photos, add a title to the article and add more details in the content area.

M.P. Birla Planetarium- Kolkata

The Birla Planetarium in Kolkata, West Bengal, is a single-storeyed circular structure whose architecture ...

Mid Summer Jesus Visit

Kolkata. 42 Degrees. That was the only thought which was in my mind when ...

jacqueline klingert

The Chapel on the Hill, the Kilnerton institute

Methodist mission stations in South Africa play an intricate part in our recent history. ...

GoUnescoselfie at Dilli Haat

For the GoUnesco Selfie, I chose Dilli Haat. Dilli Haat is a popular market ...

Lal Bagh Garden, Bangalore Moumita Banerjee

Lal Bagh Garden, Bangalore

Lal Bagh botanical garden also known as the Red Garden is one of the ...

Hemang korant Uperkot


  Uperkot, located In Junagadh city of Gujarat state, is believed to be built by ...

Old Fort

Purana Qila (Hindi: पुरानाक़िला, Urdu: پُرانا قلعہ‎, translation: Old Fort), is the oldest fort among all forts in Delhi and, the oldest ...

Voortrekker Monument - Pretoria, South Africa

The Unexpected Majesty of the Voortrekker Monument

From a distance, on a dusty Winter’s afternoon in Pretoria, the Voortrekker Monument looks ...