Explore the Unexplored

Task Description:
Alloting GCA’s with their specific hidden heritage sites which are being forgotten and have a day tour there. Make a video depicting what all the heritage site is about, why is it been neglected and provide suggestions/strategies on how to promote and preserve it. Talk and engage with the locals or the tourist guides and can also prepare a questionnaire on why its footfall is so low,what they think about the site and ask the tourists as well why they choose to visit this site etc.

Preparation Required:
For the video:
1. It should be of at least 2 minutes.
2. It should contain your pictures along with the pictures taken from net ( please do mention the source of the photographs).
3. It should include the questionnaire and depiction of the history of the site and suggestions on prevention as well.
4. No plagiarism shall be accepted. You need to write the article in your words.

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