Bon Bini, Welcome to Curacao, Caribbean’s Best Hidden Secret


Bon Bini, Welcome to Curacao, Caribbean’s Best Hidden Secret

The beautiful island of Curacao:  an island which knows the value of maintaining cultural awareness and transmitting all to its successors. Not only that, the island has wonderful attractions for locals and tourists. With the most friendly and helpful people which will make you feel that you have never left your adoring home. There aren’t many Heritage sites on the island protected by the UNESCO. But what I can do is create a hypothetical trip for all of you who love the art of the Caribbean culture as in architectural buildings, museums, legendary statues and more, which were an important asset throughout the development of the island. I hope you open your mind and glorify your heart for a new adventureCaribbean’s Best Hidden Secret, Mi dushi Isla, Kòrsou!” (My wonderful Island Curacao)

 Art & Culture: “Bunitesa di mi historia” (Beauty of My culture)

For the ones who like the world of cultural innovation and know the meaning of artistic progression this section is perfect for you. I will inform about all the places where you should be, where to accommodate, prices, which transportation to take and more. Further, an itinerary will be created. So if you want to, you can take it as an example. These are the place I would be if I was visiting Curacao. And take it from me I live here.

While visiting any country, fact illustrate that accommodation is essential. If you’re coming on vacation, you should stay at a wonderful hotel and in this I recommend Avila hotel. Its closer to Willemstad the Capital; where all of the Cultural heritage sites are located. Everything is reachable in walking distance and you have access to any need of transportation. The price for accommodated there. A definite must see is the swinging old lady, Emma Bridge”. Thanks to this bridge accessibility is much easier and made an incredible change in the island history. Trivia: did you know this bridge can open when a ship has to be in the harbor and also that at night the lights of the bridge turn on. Wonderful right! It’s something you have to experience while being the indefinable beauty of Curacao.

As wonders are being honored, culture is show that we have to look were all of this started to come to the final decision of building a society. Therefore, the next piece of art plays an elusive factor in the history of this marvelous Caribbean island. This is the wonderful statue of Tula, a man which was very helpful during the liberation of my country. He is known to be a legend but in the end had a tragic death. His revolt motivated not only the current generation but the future ones as well. Encouraging them to become better in life and make them understand to be proud of your culture and accept who we are as people.


In the itinerary there is no logging because it depends on how long you expect to be on the island. Therefore, the only thing that is present on the list is the places to be visit. This will be done in a table. And the recommended locations will also be explained further in the table, not everything will specify in the itinerary. Only date, Departure hour, Places to visit on that day and prices.


Departure time



Day 1

8. A.M



Day 2

10 A.M

Statue of Tula


Day 3

1 P.M




9 A.M

The Boat Market and National archives



7 A.M

Christoffel Park


Day 6

12 P.M

Landhuis Chobolobo


Day 7

11 A.M

Landhuis Kenepa, Slave revolt monument    free

Day 8

2 P.M

Hato Caves

Not available

Day 9

1 P.M

Kura Hulanda


Day 10

9 A.M

Maritieme Museum


Day 11

1.30 P.M

Mega Pier


Day 12

2 P.M

Gallery Alma Blou

Not available

Day 13

10.30 A.M

Mimi’s eco Farm

Not available

Day 14

1 P.M

Curaloe Ecocity and Aloe Vera Plantage


Day 15


Relaxation Day


If you more information about the island of Curacoa visit I hope you enjoyed my GoUnesco Itinerary about Curacao.  Mi ta spera bo bishita mi isla” (hope you will visit my island).




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