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bombed church gounescoselfieI visited the St. Paul Church in Ambala Cantt. It is also known as the Bombed Church because it was bombed during the 1965 Indo-Pak war. The bombing of a Pakistani aircraft considerably destroyed the beautiful church building and today, only the church tower remains. I chose this site because I was very fascinated by its stories which I used to listen from my grandparents. As they were also living in that particular city, they told me a lot about the war and the bombings. Due to the bombing, this church sustained extensive damage. Since then, a portion of parsonage is being consecrated and used as church. Previously the church was spread over 21 acres but now a large area has been acquired by air force authorities for a school and other purposes. It is also believed that the aircraft which bombed the church missed nearby airfield and hit the church. This church was built in 1857 by the Authorities of Lord Bishop Daniel of Calcutta. Now, a large p[art of this church is under the Air Force School Complex. So if one has to visit the church, he/she has to firstly take the permission from the Air Force Station nearby, as they are very strict and particular about the people who are coming inside their territory. There are a lot of other sites as well but I chose to visit this one because it gives you a sense of feeling which cant be described.
St. Paul Church (Bombed Church)