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Berlin Olympiade 1936
Berlin Olympiade 1936

Adolf Hitler wanted to amaze the world with the organization of the Olympic Games and the monumental architectures created for the event.
But the show was stolen by Jesse Owens, 23-year-old black man from Alabama, USA, who won 4 gold medals in athletics.
He humiliated the racist theories on the perfection of Germany’s people.

In this context, between the two Football World Cups of ’34 and ’38, the triumph of Italian football team took place.
The competition was of high quality, but not so hard: Uruguay, Czechoslovakia and Belgium, the best three teams in the world at that time were not present.
Italian national team started with a 1-0 against USA, continued with a 8-0 against Japan and 3-2 against Sweden.

Italy – Japan. 1936

During the semi-final against Norway, in front of 90.000 people in the Olympiastadion, italy won 2-1. Italy-Austria.

The Austrian team had eliminated Perù and Poland during the semi-final and they were ready to win the gold medal.

The entire Stadium’s public was for Austria. You can imagine the noise when during the ’70 minute Italian team scored a goal and took on the lead. But then Kainberger equalised the goals during the 80’.

Berlino 1936. Italia-Austria rete Frossi

The match lasted until the 120’ minute and during the 92’ Frossi, from the Italian team, scored the last goal, the one that brought Italy to victory.



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