Butuan heritage PhilippinesWhen I visited the city of Butuan, what I have in mind is that the city is just an ordinary urbanized city in the Philippines where typical urban activities take place in the streets. But I was wrong in having thinking of one of the oldest settlements in the Philippines.

I came to meet my friends that lives in the city. They toured me around the center and enlightened me of the city’s history. They have told me that before the Spaniards came to what is now called the Philippines, Butuan was already rich in culture and arts that date back to the 4th century and had trading activities with the Song Dynasty in China as early as the 10th century.

The information I learned from my friends were very enriching. Clearly, my impression of the city has changed. The moral I got from my visit to Butuan is that, one must not judge a place too quickly for it may hold important information about one’s heritage.


  • Carlos Ortiz

    If only I have the money to travel, I would go around the world and witness its beauty and its people.

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