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aisatic society

The Asiatic Society of Bombay is a public state library in the city of Mumbai and its in Fort area Near to Gate way of India. It was opened up in 1803 as “The Royal Asiatic Society, Bombay Branch.” The society, founded by James Mackintosh and then was known as the Literary Society of Bombay, and first met on November 26, 1830. It was later moved to the present Town Hall building which was built in 1804. Lot of Bollywood movies are shot here.


The library has over a hundred thousand books out of lots of them are classified as rare and valuable. It also has priceless articles, ancient manuscripts in Persian, Sanskrit and Prakrit.

Town Hall the State Central Library is a free reference library and reading room, open to everyone. In addition to its collection of reference books, it also has over 200 newspapers from across the country for people to read.


The reading room is spacious and quite. The museum housing various artefacts and statues is under renovation but the staff has said that the work should be completed soon. The condition of the entire structure could be better maintained but judging by the number of students and reading enthusiasts present during the reading hours suggests that no one seems to be complaining as it serves a greater purpose. It overlooks the Horniman Circle garden which is a great place to relax and take a break from the studying schedule. The steps leading to the library, popularly known as Asiatic Steps is a popular hangout during the evenings where one can simply sit back and watch the world go by.

I visited this heritage part of our Mumbai with my friend Saggir ,he helped me a lot to find more details about the place & in video part.2

my video presentation :-

Experience With GoUNESCO :-

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