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Asansol railway station Saurabh

Asansol is a railway station in Asansol subdivision of Bardhaman district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It serves Asansol and the surrounding areas.

In the middle of nineteenth century the companies located on the bank of river Damodar used to transport coal to Kolkata and Hoogly through waterways. But later in 1855 Eastern Railways extended the rail line to Raniganj (Oldest coal mines of India located here) and later in July, 1863 to Asansol.

A rendezvous with Asansol revels that the name Asansol is from two names Asan- a tree and sol-a mineral enriched land. The Asan tree is found here in plenty on the bank of river Damodar. Down the ages Asansol has been a city of coal mining and industrialisation and has grown to be the second largest city of West Bengal, the first being Kolkata.


Asansol Division has been one of the oldest divisions of Indian railways. As far as Eastern Railways is concerned it is considered as the heart of the operation being at the crossroad of Grand chord route via Gaya and Main route via Patna. With total of 579.5 km the division has the unique quadruple lines (two up and two down line) from Khana to Sitarampur.



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